We organize an unforgettable School Trip for your Pupils

We look forward to seeing you at Adventureland, the Cassino Nature Park where Sports, Nature, Archaeology and History are now the undisputed stars of more than 50 Central Italy school field trips each year.

SPORT, CULTURE AND ENVIRONMENT for the Growth of New Generations

A Field Trip to Adventureland has a very deep meaning for Students; it is an opportunity that goes beyond just a break from a school day.

In fact, our goal is to convey values through sports and nature activities, engaging children and young people first and foremost in the collaboration, socialization and cooperation that come from group sports activities, such as Rafting, Paintball or Archery.

To then introduce them once cohesive also to the discovery of the park, to the scientific knowledge of the Territory of the Gari River, to the awareness towards Environmental Protection, respecting the flora and fauna present and that we protect daily.

Activities for your school trip

From the most exciting, nature-based sports activities such as Rafting, to skill challenges that have shaped the history of human civilization such as Archery, through Hiking activities and Outdoor Historical and Archaeological Workshops.

Here is our Proposal in full, from which you can choose.


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Each activity has certain costs and modalities that you can learn more about by downloading our brochure, a brief summary of which can be found here.

Find every detail in our Brochure which you can find by clicking below.




Adventureland presents the Safety Network label, as the guides have the following characteristics:


Commercial Rafting Guide License

Obtained from Firaft (Italian Rafting Federation) or the Rescue Project School

Patent as a river rescue technician

Rescue Project brevet currently valid

BLS-D course certification

Earned in hostile environments to directly verify scope of application

Hair examination

Must not be on drugs

Certified materials and equipment

All of our guides use materials and equipment that are all certified and approved

The Adventureland Nature Park

The green heart of Cassino, a Natural Park of more than 10 Hectares in size, where Nature, History, Archaeology and Sports Activities come together along the banks of the Gari River.

A Place suitable for all kinds of activities and whose unspoiled charm you can savor every moment of the day.

From Nature Outing for younger children to recreational and sports activities for older kids, ready to join and stimulate each other by combining fun and personal growth.

We are waiting for you at the most modern Natural Amusement Park in Central Italy in Cassino!

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