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Do you feel more like Robin Hood, Legolas in Lord of the Rings, Hawkeye in Marvel or Katniss in Hunger Games?

A very ancient and noble Sport, to which millions of people from all over the World have approached over the centuries, from the humblest Peasants to Lords and Knights.

Archery requires great dexterity, concentration and physical prowess, a personal challenge with the target in which keeping one's nerve and bearing patience are two indispensable components.

At Adventureland you will be supervised by an experienced Staff who will help you improve right from the start, in full Safety and with all the necessary equipment (bow, arrows, protections).

Adventureland provides all technical equipment for Archery.
Shower and locker room facilities available

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Showers and changing rooms

We recommend bringing with you:

Comfortable and Sporty Clothes for Activity

1 pair of sports shoes

Description of the experience

Our center has a space reserved for archery practice, we are equipped with bows for teens and adults, right-handed and left-handed, as well as forearm and finger guards.

Courses and individual lessons are conducted by experienced technicians and sports promoters, regularly registered with FITARCO (Italian Archery Federation) and with the presence, on some dates, of the FitArco Lazio regional youth coach.

More information

Archery is a sport with ancient origins; it is a recreational activity for young and old, a sport that can be a challenge, a test of skill and character. It requires a lot of concentration and dexterity.

Ed è molto molto divertente!


Adults and children

Meeting point: Adventureland Park! (FRCP+49 Cassino FR, Italy)

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