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Rafting Super

The most intense, technical and exciting Descent you can experience inside Adventureland Park, on the rapids of the Gari River!

The Rafting Super descent has only one goal: pure fun.

A 3h carefree and exciting adventure immersed in nature, of course in maximum safety and with the presence of qualified and certified guides.

So get ready to paddle energetically, get completely wet and have a great time for a real Rafting lesson with diving and bathing in the rapids.

Rafting Super is ideal for Team Building, Stag Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays and for group activities among friends!


Adventureland provides all technical equipment for rafting descent.
Possibility of using showers and changing rooms

Homologated adjustable helmet

CE ISO 12402-5 certified lifebuoy

Long-sleeved wetsuit


Showers and changing rooms

We recommend that you bring with you:

Thermal jersey for the chilly ones

1 change of dry clothes

1 pair of rock shoes for the activity

Description of the experience

Departure is preceded by an initial briefing in which the guides teach the crew simple conducting techniques and essentials to ensure the safety of the participants on the descent.

Last but not least, our guides along the way explain historical, cultural and scenic information about the Cassino area and the Gari River!

The descent takes place in extreme safety, with the constant presence of the guides accompanying their crew throughout the nearly 4-kilometer-long journey.

At the end of the activity, the return to the headquarters is provided by shuttle service offered by the rafting center.

The requirements are to be able to swim and to be of sound constitution.

More information

With Rafting Super you discover what it means to surf a wave, dive into a rapid, or ferry and move within the river currents to try to sail faster than other crews.

The Rafting Super descent has only one goal: pure fun!


Only Adults and Children over 15 years old

Meeting point: Adventureland Park! (FRCP+49 Cassino FR, Italy)

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Adventurland presents the Safety Network brand, as the guides have the following characteristics:


Commercial Rafting Guide License

Obtained from Firaft (Italian Rafting Federation) or the Rescue Project School

Patent as a river rescue technician

Rescue Project brevet currently valid

BLS-D Course Certificate

Achieved in hostile environments to directly test the scope of application

Hair examination

Must not be on drugs

Certified materials and equipment

All of our guides use materials and equipment that are all certified and approved