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Unleash your fun at Adventureland Park center with our most popular activity!

Rafting is divided into three different levels, and you can choose the descent that's right for you:

Each one suitable for a different age level and desire for adventure, from a leisurely trip on the water with family and young children, to a real intense rafting trip suitable only for adults looking for excitement and fun.

rafting power-2

Rafting Soft

Soft Rafting is a sport suitable for all ages, in which even young children can participate!

A real nature trip in the landscape of the Gari River, among clear waters and the pleasure of feeling in touch with the river.

An activity dedicated to the whole family, starting with children as young as 2 years old, in which our guide and equipment will allow them to share moments of absolute fun in total safety.

Rafting Power

Power Rafting is the next level, a longer, more active and engaging raft ride by all participants, which also includes water bathing, diving and swimming.

The waters of the Gari and its currents remain gentle and safe, and wonderful natural pools have formed in them that will be the scene of the day’s most enjoyable moments.

This level lends itself to families, adults and children ages 5 and up, who want a little more adventure and to experience the river to the fullest, without throwing themselves into rapids that are too challenging.

Rafting Super

The real Rafting by definition, an adrenaline-pumping lesson of about 3h with our best guides where you will face technical maneuvers, rollovers, rescue trials and dives into the rapids.

With Rafting Super you’ll discover what it’s like to surf a wave, dive into a rapid or ferry and move within the river’s currents to try to sail faster than other crews.

A discipline suitable only for adults, which with a little courage and spirit of adventure remains accessible to everyone without reservation, the most exciting experience you will discover at Adventureland!