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This Cookie Policy applies only to Cookies used by the Website. The User can read the Privacy Policy at this address

1. What are Cookies

Cookies are small text files that websites visited by the User send to the User’s devices where they are stored to be transmitted back to the same websites on subsequent visits by the User.

Cookies can be classified according to:

– First-party Cookies: first-party Cookies are sent to the User’s browser directly from this Website;
– Third-party Cookies: third-party Cookies belong to domains other than the one shown in the address bar.

– Session Cookies: Session Cookies are automatically removed when the browser is closed and therefore do not have an expiration date;
– Persistent Cookies: persistent Cookies, have an expiration date and until this date or until manually deleted by the User through the “Clear Browsing Data” function of the browser used, they will send information to the server every time the User visits this Website.

– Technical Cookies: Technical Cookies are used to enable the User’s navigation and facilitate the use of the services of this Website;
– Analytical Cookies: Analytical Cookies are used to collect information in an anonymous and aggregate form about the number of Users and how they visit this Website;
– Profiling Cookies: Profiling Cookies are used to provide the User, through third-party partners, with content and commercial offers that are in line with the User’s interests also based on the User’s previous browsing experience of this Website.

2. Cookies on

2.1. Technical Cookies

2.1.1. Fundamental Cookies

– Origin: First-party cookie
– Lifecycle: Session Cookies
– Purpose: These Cookies enable basic functionality such as security, identity verification and network management. These Cookies can NOT be disabled.

This Website was developed on the platform, so it uses Cookies implemented by that platform. Information about the Privacy Policy is available at

2.2. Analytical Cookies
2.2.1. Google Analytics
– Origin: Third-party cookie. This Website uses Google Analytics, a service provided by Google Ireland Limited.
– Lifecycle: Persistent cookies
– Purpose: Google Analytics cookies are used to track and analyze your use of this Website, generate reports, and share the Personal Data collected with other services provided by Google.
This Website anonymizes the User’s IP address so that the IP address transmitted by the browser for purposes related to Google Analytics will not be associated with other data already held by Google.
The User can disable Google Analytics by downloading a browser add-on available at the following link
The User is encouraged to read the Google Analytics Privacy Policy at the following link for more information on how they can protect their privacy.

2.3. Profiling cookies
2.3.1. Google Ads
– Origin: Third-party cookie. This Website uses Google Ads, a service provided by Google Ireland Limited.
– Lifecycle: Persistent cookies.
– Purpose: Google Ads Cookies are used to take advantage of Google’s Retargeting feature which provides the ability to tailor the advertisement according to the User’s personal interests identified based on Google searches, actions on this Website and the browsing device used (mobile or desktop).
By clicking on the following link the User can permanently disable the retargeting feature by disabling the “ad personalization” feature.
The User is encouraged to read Google’s Privacy Policy at the following link for more information on how they can protect their privacy.

2.3.2. Facebook Personalized Audiences
– Origin: Third Party Cookie. This Website uses Facebook Personalized Audience, a service provided by Facebook Ireland Ltd.
– Purpose: Facebook Personalized Audience Cookies are used to take advantage of a remarketing and behavioral targeting service provided by Facebook Ireland Ltd. that links this Website’s activity with Facebook’s advertising network.
You may opt out of Facebook’s ad personalization cookies by visiting this page

2.4. Social Network Buttons and Widgets
– Facebook:
– Instagram:

3. How to give consent to the use of Cookies
By clicking on the “Accept All” button on the cookie banner containing the Short Notice, the User consents to the use of all Cookies on this Website. By clicking “Customize,” the User may only consent to specific types of Cookies.
Fundamental Technical Cookies do not require the User’s consent, so they are installed automatically following access to this Website.

4. How to revoke consent to the use of Cookies
Cookies can be completely disabled from your browser using the appropriate function provided in most browsing programs.
However, it is good to know that by disabling Cookies, some of the features of this Website may not be usable.
Below are links to the policies of the major browsers for more information on disabling cookies:




To disable third-party Cookies you can also use Your Online Choices,, a web service run by the non-profit European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) that provides information on behavioral advertising based on profiling Cookies and allows users to easily object to their installation. By deleting all Cookies from your browser or through services such as Your Online Choices these Cookies, if third-party, will be disabled generically and not just about this Website.

Cookie Policy updated July 2023