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A.S.D. A.P.S. Cassino Adventure

Since 2016 we have been fostering principles essential to community development, such as participation, solidarity and environmental sensitivity to an area too often devastated by neglect and lack of culture.

A.S.D. A.P.S. Cassino Adventure

A.S.D. A.P.S. Cassino Adventure was founded in 2016 by the will of its founding members.

Over time it has become, on the practice of sports and outdoor activities, a reference point for the vast area that includes the upper Casertano, Lower Molise and, of course, Southern Lazio.

It operates both through the implementation of sports activities, specifically identified with the so-called Soft-Rafting, and through recreational/cultural activities, with days and events dedicated to activities of various kinds.
The area managed by the association is located on the banks of the Gari River in Cassino and includes an open-air park that offers the opportunity to practice a variety of sports such as: rafting, SUP, river swimming, paintball, archery, fencing, basketball and soon tennis and padel.

A.S.D. A.P.S. Cassino Adventure

Thanks to the research carried out by some founding members, a cave used during World War II for the shelter of wounded soldiers was discovered in the vicinity of the association’s headquarters.Since this discovery, conferences on historical themes, guided tours, hiking along the pivotal sites of the Battle of Cassino, meetings and institutional visits have followed uninterruptedly.

The site has been frequented by television crews such as National Geographic, the BBC (during the making of the documentary “Gary Lineker: My Grandad’s untold war”), RAI and other broadcasters.

The Location

The location with its unspoiled green spaces near the limpid Gari River is the perfect setting for the description of such crucial events: with the conquest of the City of Cassino and the breaking of the Gustav Line, the Allies gave a fundamental acceleration to the Italian liberation from Nazi-Fascism.

In the field of dissemination of culture and history, the proponent has thus acquired unquestionable seniority through collaboration with local specialists.

Numerous activities

Over the years, the Association has carried out numerous activities, turning its Mission to social integration and accessibility, the enhancement and dissemination of local historical and cultural heritage, the development of the principles of respect and healthy competition in competitive sports activities, and environmental protection and preservation.

Championships and collaborations

Over the years, the Association has also organized numerous competitive competitions and championships, as well as having addressed itself as a point of reference for schools and educational institutions.

Events of regional and national interest, with participation of professional athletes

The association has organized several events of regional and national importance, in the last year certainly stands out the Slalom competition held on the Gari, which was attended by many athletes from all over Italy, involving a considerable effort both organizational and economic.

Every year we also have great sportsmen come to visit us who have nothing to do with sports on the river. Last year we were particularly pleased to host former England national soccer team striker Gary Lineker.

The relationship with Gary has now strengthened over the years, given his many visits due to the memory of his grandfather who fought and sadly found death on the Gari in order to liberate our country from Nazi-fascism.

During his last trip we also hosted the Wall to Wall crew at Warner Bros TV Company to film a documentary dedicated to the great champion.

A moment with Gary Lineker during the filming of “Gary Lineker: My Grandad’s untold war”.

Environmental attention and land monitoring

In compliance with and with reference to the Consolidated Environmental Act (Legislative Decree 152/06), the association ASD APS Cassino Adventure aims through its work and through the constant commitment of its members to:

  1. Prevent further deterioration, protect and improve the status of aquatic ecosystems;
  2. Promote the sustainable use of water, through the long-term protection of available water resources;
  3. To increase the level of protection and improvement of the aquatic environment through the adoption of measures aimed at the progressive reduction or cessation of discharges, emissions and release of priority hazardous substances;
  4. Reducing from flood risk and cleaning the banks and the Gari River route.